With over 1.2 billion vehicles on the road worldwide, bad drivers, poor decisions, and potential hazards are a reality! Car lovers should learn good driving practices and upskill their driving abilities on a regular basis.

Looking ahead when turning, judging a cars’ next move, merging with traffic, braking when slowing down, heel-toe down shifting, driving backward… Do you have these skills mastered yet? Not? Then this is for you!

This video highlights the 10 techniques that can take you from an average to an awesome driver – Watch the video below!

Here are the Top 10 Tips highlighted below:

  1. Look ahead in turns: Look further down the road when planning on making a turn. This will help you judge the corner better so that you can make a smooth turn.
  2. Look ahead at cars in the distance: Focus on your immediate surroundings but also make a point of it to take note of what is happening in the distance. Look out for brake lights. This habit can save your life in a few seconds.
  3. Get up to speed when merging with traffic: Entrance ramps are there to speed up, use it!
  4. Go easy on the brakes when slowing down: Lift off the accelerator sooner and gently ease into breaking. This will also save fuel.
  5. Drive a manual transmission: Operating a clutch and changing gears keeps you more involved which in return keeps you more alert.
  6. Learn to control oversteer: A skill such as this can be the difference in a split-second correction that can avoid an accident.
  7. Heel-toe down shifting: A skill that will make for a smooth transition of gears.
  8. Get good at driving backward: Reversing is a fundamental skill that requires special awareness but also helps you to judge distances better.
  9. Practice parking: It’s boring but you need to practice getting it perfect!
  10. Patience: This skill is crucial, take a second look or wait a little longer – you never know what a difference a few seconds can make.

Safety is an absolute necessity in today’s everyday driving if this blog post had you in a different state of mind you should definitely read our article on The Safest Cars in South Africa.

Be safe out there!