Apple Inc has finally started meaningful development on their first electric car and the potential for it to be a fully self-driving vehicle is very real. For the last few years, Apple has been exploring 2 different paths, an electric car with limited self-driving capabilities with the focus being on steering and acceleration. The other concept includes a fully self-driving vehicle that doesn’t require any human interaction.

The news that Apple was developing such a car created a surge in their shares and increase as much as 2.4% when the news dropped.

Many people may think, why would Apple get it right before an actual car brand? The truth is, that everyone stands an equally small chance of getting this very complicated system right.

Apple has set their target for 2025, they hope to launch their own self-driving car before other companies get the chance to. But hitting this incredible difficult goal is dependent on Apple’s ability to finish the development of their self-driving system.

Apple Car Specs

The perfect Apple car would be built with no steering wheel or pedals and the interior design would be centred around hands-off driving. The passengers would sit along the sides of the car similar to how people would be seated on a train or limousine.

Even though their final goal is to have no steering wheel, Apple said that they would have to fit the car with an emergency steering wheel, in case of system malfunction.

The self-driving system may soon make its way onto real road tests. Apple will start making use of a new processor design and updated self-driving sensors in existing electric cars, that were tested for many years in California. The goal is to create a car that can save passengers from driving fatigue when travelling long distances.

Apple is also investigating new stronger safeguards than what Tesla and Waymo currently have available, as well as they are looking to hire engineers to develop and test the new and improved safety features.


To charge the car, Apple has been investigating a compatible version of the already existing combined charging system (CCS). This would let Apple make use of the expansive global network of chargers.

Apple’s new vehicle still has a long way to go before we see it commercially, but the potential is there. Now we just have to wait and see.