Are you a beginner or feel you need to put up your game when it comes to your driving skills? If you are not a frequent driver, the road can be a very scary place. Refresh your driving skills with these tips from professional driving instructors.

Attitude Check

Exterior and interior checks of your vehicle are vital but an attitude check is just as helpful in preventing accident. A positive, pro-active attitude can really help reduce collisions.

Be Aware

Constantly changing conditions demand frequently alterations in course or speed. Make sure you remain aware of all other road users. Pay attention to the road surface and weather conditions.

Urban Driving

When driving in urban areas pay close attention to pedestrian traffic, vehicles moving in and out of parking bays, busses, taxis and cyclists.

Night Riders

When driving at night a good, clear visibility is vital. Make sure that your windscreen is clean and your head and tail lights are in good working condition with the lenses clean.

Bright Lights

If you are faced with bright lights from approaching traffic, avoid looking directly at the approaching lights, slow down and be prepared to stop.

Beat Fatigue

When planning a long journey prepare by taking sufficient rest beforehand. If you feel drowsy, stop the car, stretch your legs, enjoy some refreshment and rest your eyes.

Slow Down

Never attempt to drive over the speed limit as it leads to late reactions in an emergency. If high speed driving is necessary, you should have complete concentration, clear visibility and knowledge of your stopping distance.

Preventing Collisions

In order to prevent a collision, you need to know and make use of the Standard Accident Prevention Formula which is:

Recognise the Hazard

Think and look as far ahead as possible. Never assume everything is fine and always expect the unexpected.

Understand the Defence

There are certain methods of handling each traffic situation, know these and teach yourself to react positively when the need arises.

Act in Time

Once you have seen the hazard and you have recognised the defence, never adopt a “wait and see” attitude as you will be wasting valuable time and space.

These are just some tips from WP Motors to help you become a more alert and responsible driver, which will contribute to making South Africa’s roads better and safer for everyone.


Source: AriveAlive (January 2020)