The best way to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus is to stay at home and practice proper social distancing. Therefore, most people’s vehicles could be standing for a few weeks. Maintaining your vehicle, especially if it’s an older model, is more important than it might seem.

Here’s a few tips on what you should do if you won’t be using your vehicle at all:

Cover the vehicle

Best will be to park the vehicle indoors, under a roof, or use a car cover. Doing this will insure it’s cleaner and safer.

Battery maintenance

Disconnect the negative terminal, if removing the entire battery is possible it will be better. Always disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive terminal.

Clean the vehicle before storage

This is the ideal time to properly clean your vehicle inside and outside. Dirt on the vehicle may cause permanent damage if left untreated.

Cover the intakes and outlets

Cover the air intakes with a cloth, and stuff a rag in the exhaust. This will prevent insects and small rodents from getting in.

Wiper care

Place plastic wrap under the blades to prevent the rubber of the blades sticking to the windshield.

Insurance and Warranty Care

Do not cancel your insurance warranty or aftermarket insurance products. Not only will this impact any no-claims rewards, you may be flouting the terms of your lease or purchase agreements if you cancel now.

Vehicle insurance

If you cancel your insurance now, you will not be covered if something were to happen. Best stay insured and safe.

Fill up on fuel

A full fuel tank will prevent rust from forming on the inside by keeping moisture from entering the tank.

Oil care

Drain the oil from the vehicle before long-term storage and replace with new oil as soon as vehicle is more regularly used.

Having a reliable vehicle is essential and should not be taken for granted. WP Motors encourages you to maintain your vehicle, skip the hefty repair bills and stay safe.