As long weekends come around, we tend to take longer road trips than we usually would take in our normal average day. It is crucial to take some proper precautions to ensure your safety!

As drivers, we all know to stay alert and always expect the unexpected, however here are a few tips that can improve your overall driving experience to arrive safely.

#1 – Don’t Text and Drive

If you move your eyes to look at your phone you are taking your eyes completely off the road making it a danger to yourself and others. No text is worth losing your life! When driving pretend your vehicle does not exist, rather if you really need to answer should your vehicle not have Bluetooth pull over to a safe part of the road so that you can answer and then continue your way.

#2- Brake softly instead of sharply

Instead of watching the car right in front of you also watch the brake lights of the car in front of them. This allows you to brake earlier and softer which keeps your brakes lasting longer as well as helps to reduce accidents. If your brake very sharply, there is a good chance of losing traction and causing an incident.

#3 – Try “NO Road Rage”

Road rage is one of the highest causes of accidents – and yes, all accidents are mistakes that you sometimes could not avoid however when caused by road rage it is something that could have been avoided. Someone at home cares for your return, never let a driver of another vehicle that you don’t even know get you caught up in this rage that can lead to your injury or unnecessary problems to your vehicle.

#4 – Full Control of the vehicle

Control the car, do not let the car control you! These are words I used when learning how to drive and are still the motto I keep every day. If you can drive a car smooth while driving extremely slow driving at the normal speeds of the road will be an absolute breeze. So, keep in mind to have control and focus on your journey to arrive safely.