The 1980s are considered the best decade in human history. It is no wonder that cars released in that era were out of this world then, and even still today, and are labelled as LEGENDS.

1. Ford Escort

The Ford Escort, which competed with the Golf GTi, featured a turbocharged 98kW engine. In September 1980, the Escort 3rd generation was launched with its sporty straight-lined design giving motor enthusiasts something to look forward to. Several different Escort models were available, from 1.1L to 1.6L (diesel, too).

2. Ferrari F40

Enzo Ferrari gave his team 11 months from the start of the project to create the famous F40. With a twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 352kW, the F40 not only boasted a powerful engine but a body made from carbon fibre and aluminium as well. It remains one of Ferrari’s most iconic vehicles to this day and will always be one of its most beautiful models.

3. Ford Mustang

The best is saved for last, but that’s just my opinion. The iconic muscle car of the 1980’s features 149kW of power and a muscle body design. Although many models were released in the 1980s, the sporty muscle design would have to be the GT, for which the slogan “The Boss is Back” was given.

These iconic cars provided the 1980’s with a look of a time you would like to have been a part of or reminisced about. We as car enthusiasts will never lose our love for cars, and it will always be something we are proud of. Through the ‘80s, we salute all cars that gave us joy and excitement.