Tips for students and parents buying pre-owned cars

Thousands of young South African are starting university and starting to drive. For parents and students, purchasing their first car can be daunting, but here are some tips for both parents and students to consider.

Take a step back

Do some research and firstly decide if you actually do need a car for everyday commuting. If you’re going to be living on or close your campus, and if there’s a campus bus, you probably absolutely need a vehicle, and especially if on-campus parking is a problem.

Budget properly

Decide on an amount you know you can afford and stick to that. Once you have your budget you can find the best value in your price range. Don’t forget that you need to add extra budget for insurance, registration, running costs and servicing.

Don’t compromise on safety

Brakes, shocks, lights, mirrors and wipers all need to be checked out. You might need to budget for replacing worn tyres and wiper blades, and windscreen flaws might also arise.

Buy reliability

Colours and looks aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to buying a car. Ensure you check the service history and bring up any questions you have with the owner before making the purchase. Purchasing from a reputable dealership is ideal.

Think security

Yes sound systems and trendy mag might make your car look more attractive, but they also attract thieves, especially when your vehicle is parked outside where students often park. This makes it more vulnerable and puts your vehicle at risk. Your vehicle needs to have a good electronic security system, and its also wise to invest in a gear or wheel lock.

Get the best

It doesn’t hurt to look for solid brands that can bring you a good re-sale in a few years.