There are always bills to pay, things to repair and new gadgets to buy – so why not try these cheap and easy car hacks to make life a bit easier.

1. Use a Plastic Cereal Container as a Trash Can

Finding little bits of trash all over the car floor is not that appealing and less pleasing to clean out. An easy and cheap fix to your problem is to buy a cereal container. You would be able to through any trash in there if the lid is big enough and you can add a plastic bag so you can empty it out easier. It is the easiest and cheapest way to keep your car clean and presentable.

2. Use Tinted Plastic Sheets for Shade

To avoid the suns glare, try a little trick that pilots use – they attach plastic sheets to their windshields. These transparent tinted plastic sheets can easily be used in cars with the same result. Place the sheets on the desired spot on your window, it uses static from the windshield so there are no messy stickers to clean up.

3. Use Mesh Bungee Net for Storage

Trying to keep your car nice and neat can be a bit of a struggle, especially with small children and all their toys in the car. But this is where you can bring in your own ingenuity by attaching a mesh bungee net to the ceiling handles on your car. You can store practically anything in it, leaving the floor and seats clear from mess.

4. Park Your Car Facing East

Although Cape Town central might not have these sorts of problems, but a little up country or just a few notches north of here, you might find yourself caught in a Ceres snow storm. This tip could save you some defrosting time before work in the morning and could even help you avoid scrapping off the ice manually. When you park in the evening, ensure that you park your car facing east. The sun rises in the east therefore giving your car sometime in the sun to defrost before you start your day.

5. Use a Plunger to Fix Dents

If you are trying to save a buck instead of paying for a mechanic to do the same thing – do it yourself! It is rather simple, all you are doing is taking a plunger to your car door. This won’t work for heavy damage but works perfectly for smaller dents.