We all need to be prepared, not only on the road but off the road too. Just think… how would you manage without your car? Your car does not only take you from point A to B, it is part of your daily life. Regular maintenance in between regular services could help with the durability and even the performance of your car.

Faulty brakes, thinning tyre tread and low car fluids are some of the quick and hassle-free maintenance measures that you can take. Avoid the potential dangers that can occur with poor car maintenance with these tips.

Quick weekly inspections: When walking around your car check for fluids such as oil and water that might be dripping. Inspect your tyres for any damages and make sure to look at the tread, poor tyres can cause fatal accidents. Check for any chips or fractures in the windscreen as these can escalate into bigger cracks quickly.

Your car needs fluids: Oil needs to be changed between services, just make sure that you use the right oil needed for your car. Top up your water regularly too, the temperature gauge will show if the car has the right amount of water.

Spare tyre alert: We don’t often realise how important a spare tyre is. When checking the pressure and when you are pumping up the tyres, remember your spare tyre and remember to check the tread. Keep a decent tyre spanner with a socket and a log handle in the car as the standard tool kit is not always sufficient.

The above measures should give you a peace of mind when on the roads. Remember to chat to the WP Motors team about all your motoring needs or if you need advice.